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Days of the Embassy ISBN: 978-0-9778662-3-6
Palm Beach Post Publishes news article about Days of the Embassy author, April 21, 2007
Recordando el Mariel
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WFLX Fox 29 interviews Alejandrin
July 14 7am Eye on South Florida!

Click here to read Palm Beach Post article "Remembering Mariel"

Days of the Embassy by Alejandrin
English version Release date 5/20/07

Los dias de la Embajada

Days of the Embassy is currently available in English and Spanish at Barnes and,, and from this web site. Click on Link at left of page for more information. Or click link below to order from this site with free shipping!!

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"053803 Life at fifteen" has been updated. The new edition is currently available on this site, Baker and Taylor, and . Same great story word for word just reformatted for easier reading.

 2nd edition is also available as Kindle book on!

    Life at Fifteen

Forget everything you think you know about prison.

Think you're tough, or know a kid that thinks he is? Than this is the book for you!

Too many prison stories have been written by the weak, the ignorant, and the short timers. Finally you get the low down from the other side.
 The author of this book will explain step by step what happens when you commit a crime, you're convicted, and everything he experienced over a nine and half year  period while serving a life sentence in a southern prison.

What you can learn from reading this book:
          The truth about  prison sex!
          History of the prison system.
          Origins of prison linguistics.
          What is institutionalized?
          Why convicts do what they do.
          Various prison policies and procedures.
          Why would a prison warden instigate a riot?
          How the mind games work.
          What not to do in prison

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