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 The Mud King

 There was a new cock that had been at DeSoto for about six months that had a bit of a coffee jones. Amongst the various habits I'd seen in the chaingang, there were the typical potheads and coke lovers, tobacco smokers’ chewers and dippers. And then there were the coffee lovers.

 Although we all drank coffee before we'd drink the water some of the more dedicated caffeine junkies actually dipped coffee.  They'd take a pinch of the grounds and place it between their front lower teeth and lip, constantly working this gooey mass to regulate a consistent flow of the stimulant into their system.

 One such guy had a love of a particular brand that was unavailable from the canteen. Not wanting to do without, he'd convinced his family to bring a couple of jars during a visit to see if maybe the guards would let him have it. When they were told to put the coffee back in their vehicle another plan was hatched.  After visiting hours they drove around the perimeter road to the back of the institution and threw the package over the fence to the eagerly waiting newcock.

  A bunch of Brothers were leaving the rec hall after the movie had finished and paused to watch this transaction. Assuming from the size of the package that this new cock had close to a pound of pot on him, they decided to take it.

 With close to fifty Blacks on his tail, that white boy ran like the wind. Holding his coffee like a running back with pigskin he managed to elude the pot posse for a few minutes until they caught up and started beating the hell out of him.

 They hit and stomped away at the boy as he curled up in the fetal position, not to prevent serious injury but to protect his coffee. He still had a death grip on his package when the Boss men came and broke up the melee.

 Dragging him to the Lt. Office, they put him in the box while his family was retained by the gun trucks in the front parking lot. The end result of this incident was street charges for him and everyone that was in the car on the perimeter road.  Introducing contraband into a corrections facility is just as serious for coffee as it is for drugs. I believe they only got probation out of the deal, but he was never allowed visits from anyone involved in the incident again.