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Days of the Embassy ISBN: 978-0-9778662-3-6

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Days of the Embassy ISBN: 978-0-9778662-3-6
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by Alejandrin

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 Story of an ex Cuban soldier trying to flee Cuba.  After being denied an education because of non participation in the communist party, Alejandrin allies himself with others to escape Cuba by various means. After failed attempts to leave by boat they find themselves with ten thousand other Cubans on the grounds of the Peruvian Embassy.
 Starved and  weathered he recaptures the events that led to the Mariel boat lift and beyond.  Spanish and English versions!


May 20, 2007 release date, anniversary
of Cuba's freedom from Spain.
 English version may 20, 2007
English ISBN-13: 978-0-9778662-3-6
Spanish release September 2007.

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