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 Robert Gagnon was arrested at the age of 15, turned 16 awaiting trial and was one of the first juveniles commited to the adult prison system in the state of Florida in 1976. 
 Convicted for robbery with a firearm he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison or until rehabilitated, with a minimum of three years before possibility of parole.
 At the time of his induction into the prison system there were no provisions for juveniles. Youthful offender camps had an age limit of 35 years old. The Department of Rehabilitation had just changed its philosophy and name to the Department of Corrections.

 Gagnon wasn't the biggest or the baddest in the pen, in fact he had the disadvantage of youth to contend with. He adopted the philosophy that you don't fear what you understand while viewing his incarceration as a learning experience.
 Life at fifteen takes the reader through a 9 1/2 year journey as seen by a teenager and then a grown man. Ten years in the making, it is intended to give readers an idea what prison is really like.
 For years the author has helped kids by verbally telling his story in the streets, and in the classroom. The response has always been positive. For each crime prevented or child that alters his course the author feels his experience was not a waste of time but a lesson to be shared.
 Now living in Palm Beach Gardens Fl, Gagnons hobbies are videography and photography.

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